Yoddha Lab

Bikash Khanal

Bikash Khanal, an accomplished and visionary executive, is the CEO of a Yoddha Lab. Armed with a strong background in CA and an innate understanding of the technology landscape, Bikash has held pivotal roles throughout his career, showcasing exceptional leadership and strategic prowess. With a keen eye on market dynamics and an unwavering focus on innovation, he has driven the company to unparalleled success. His commitment to nurturing a culture of creativity, agility, and customer-centricity has established the organization as a leader in the competitive tech industry. Bikash’s dedication extends beyond the boardroom, as he actively supports initiatives that promote diversity, sustainability, and technological advancement on a global scale. As the CEO, Bikash Khanal remains at the forefront, guiding the company towards a future characterized by innovation, growth, and positive societal impact.

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