Yoddha Lab

Er. Arjun Thapa

Er. Arjun Thapa, a tech luminary with a wealth of experience, serves as the Chief Technical Officer at a Yoddha Lab. With engineering background , Arjun has consistently demonstrated a keen understanding of emerging technologies and their potential for business transformation. Throughout his career, he has held pivotal roles, driving innovation and spearheading the development of cutting-edge solutions. Arjun’s leadership is characterized by a passion for fostering innovation, building high-performing teams, and aligning technology strategies with business objectives. His visionary approach and dedication to excellence position the company at the forefront of technological advancement. Outside of work, Arjun is an avid researcher, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the tech landscape, and he’s a strong advocate for knowledge-sharing and mentorship within the tech community. As the CTO, Arjun Thapa is pivotal in shaping the company’s technological roadmap and propelling it toward a future defined by innovation and success.

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